Move away from Auto and Beginners’ Photography

Is this the right workshop for you?

This is a practical workshop which we run outside rather than in a classroom setting. This ensures you gain maximum benefit from your participation. The workshop is 1:1 (or 1:2 if you wish to attend with a partner, friend or child. Reduced rates apply for the second person in the same booking.) The workshop is tailored to the ability levels of the client(s) and can either be a half day, a full day or two half days whichever suits you the best. The type of camera that you own is not important so long as you know how to turn it on! It could be a DSLR or a Compact.

If you can answer “Yes” to any of the questions below, we believe that this workshop is the right one for you.

    • Are you new to photography?
    • Do you still use your camera on Auto?
    • Are you looking to improve your photography skills?

At Alan Roberts Photography, we care about providing a bespoke service, from being able to choose the time for tuition that best suits you, to creating a personalised learning opportunity to meet your needs.

We operate flexibly; we don’t offer fixed tuition dates, asking you to fit in with us, we much prefer to accommodate your choice of date and time, subject to availability, of course.

After you have booked your date for a workshop, we shall ask you to complete a short questionnaire which provides us with an idea of the level of your existing knowledge. This will will help us to tailor your day with us.

During the course of the workshop, we shall provide you with the knowledge and experience to move beyond the auto modes and into your creative zone.

The aspects that we will look at during your workshop include:

    • Basic camera controls (please bring your instruction manual)
    • Choice of Lens
    • General use filters
    • The creative aspects and how to choose the best one for your subject:
      • Aperture priority
      • Shutter priority
      • Manual mode
    • The relationship between shutter speed, aperture and ISO (film speed)
    • A look at perspective and viewpoint
    • How to exploit the available light
    • Composition of the photograph
    • Framing the picture
    • Adapting the above aspects to your favoured subjects.

Through experience, we have found that a ‘walking workshop’ works best for most clients. We are based in a scenic area, and we can either walk from our premises or from a pre-determined local location (dependent upon the elements of photography you have indicated you wish to improve, and on your mobility).

A half day course runs for 4 hours.

The full day generally lasts around 6/7 hours. A light lunch is provided.

Since the courses involve a substantial amount of information absorption, some clients prefer to split the full day course into two dates, each a block of 3 hours. We are more than happy to accommodate such requests.

The price of the half day workshop is £94.00 (including coffee).  Second person attending this workshop an additional £49.00

The price of the full day workshop is £144.00 (including coffee and lunch). Second person attending this workshop an additional £94.00

At the end of the workshop we provide a handout, detailing the main aspects of the workshop so that you can go away and practise with confidence. We will also give you 6 months of email support.

North PenninesNorth Pennines

The photograph above demonstrates the effects of applying a little post processing to a digital image.

Fox TowerFox Tower

The two photographs above demonstrate the effects of varying the aperture.