“I’d like to give an absolute glowing and heartfelt thank you to Alan for two brilliant and invaluable half day tuition sessions.
Let me be really humble and honest from the outset, I am awful at technology and an absolute beginner with the art of photography. I made the leap to get a mirror less camera in lockdown.
There’s only so many YouTube films, magazines and internet articles you can read.
There’s no substitute for professional advice and teaching.
And how lucky am I, that I found Alan and the work that he does.
I found our sessions to be absolutely centred on what I needed, the camera that I had, the gaps in my knowledge and the place I wanted to reach.
The preparation he put into our sessions, the learning materials he provided, and the aide memoirs were extremely professional and hit the spot.
I do confess, I was nervous beforehand, given the quality of the professional shots he takes but I felt completely at ease, and like I was being guided by a dear friend.
Please don’t hesitate to take your photography to the next level, wherever you are, as I’m sure it will be the best investment you’ve made in the pursuit of your art.”

Having owned a Canon DSLR for about 5 years and accidentally taken some good photos in automatic mode, I felt it was about time to learn about the manual use of the camera and thought that one to one tuition would be a much better and in the long-term, more economical option to the many failed online courses I had already tried. I had heard that Alan Roberts was providing tuition locally and decided to give it a go. I wasn’t disappointed.

I arrived at Alan’s for my 3 hours Beginners’ Workshop and was welcomed by Laura, his wife, serving coffee and biscuits. After chatting with Alan about my prior knowledge and experience, successes and failures, we began the technical session, surrounded by canvasses of some of his own, stunning images.

We started by looking at my basic camera and discussed ways to enhance it with different lenses and UV filters, for lens protection if nothing else. We then covered the 3 elements of exposure; ISO, shutter speed and aperture and how to alter these on my camera. We practised some depth of field shots in aperture priority mode (AV) and Alan demonstrated some of the differences on his camera. He demonstrated the effect of shutter speed and the different auto focus modes, which I had never taken any notice of before, but I now understand their importance for stationary and moving objects.

It’s worth mentioning that I took a notebook with me, as I knew I’d never remember all the details, but it wasn’t necessary, as Alan provided an excellent, concise and easy to understand set of notes on each of the sections covered in the workshop.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable and informative morning and I left feeling so much more confident and enthusiastic about my own photography and feel I can now brave the creative modes, without lapsing back into automatic. I’m contemplating booking a session purely on the use of photoshop for editing, to ensure I get the best results from my future experimental shots. Many thanks Alan!



Hi Alan.

Just a quick line to say how much I enjoyed your workshop – ‘Helping you get more out of your DSLR’ –  on Sunday and how  valuable I found it.

We couldn’t have wished for a better day as far as the weather goes, beautiful blue skies, and the scenery around Brough where you live was quite beautiful. All in all this added to the great 1:1 workshop you provided.

As I explained at the start of the workshop, I really needed to get to know my camera better to allow me to improve my ‘novice’ photography skills.

As it was such a lovely late summers day your suggestion of walking through the streets of Brough, then into the surrounding countryside and castle allowed you to show me how to create better pictures by thinking about perspective, light, depth of field, apertures, use of colours, shutter speed, etc. All the things that before your workshop were somewhat of a mystery to me, but by the end of our session, I had a greater understanding and appreciation of such matters when taking a photograph. Although, I realise I still have a long way to go and now it requires these things putting into practice.

I appreciated your patience when explaining and showing me things. I also appreciated your hints and tips, some of which I am sure to you would have been obvious and second nature but to a novice like me they will hopefully prove to be invaluable in my future photographs.

At the end of the workshop I felt more confident and certainly had a far greater understanding of my DLSR which I’m sure will prove invaluable in the future. I shall certainly recommend your workshop to my friends and family and am happy to record my experience on your website to future customers.

Many thanks again for an extremely valuable workshop which I enjoyed and was great value for money. Good luck in the future.



Alan has a fantastic ability to capture nature at it’s best, whether animals or landscapes, his work is first class. And he’s good with people too!!


Alan’s photographs are wonderful and bring the Eden Valley and indeed Cumbria to life.
I particularly love his studies of animals and of course farm animals such as sheep etc – the perfect way for local farmers and landowners to capture the best of their stock for posterity! Look forward to seeing the spring and summer 2021 collection.
I actually think Alan’s work is perfect for any pub, hotel, restaurant or cafe that wants to showcase Cumbria.
Good luck Alan.